Entrevista sobre el WSOP!

Les dejo una entrevista reciente de Tobe, qe dio luego de finalizar su paso por el WSOP 2007!

Posted: 2007-07-20 17:47:09

Dmitry got tangled with the famous webslinger, Tobey Maguire, played smart but was eliminated from the tournament. We caught up with him right after he left the tournament room.

What was it like to play in the Main Event at the World Series of Poker?
It was close to what I expected, but to play against pros gave me experience playing against people who actually know what they are doing, and I definitely learned a few strategies that are specific to the tournament style of play.

Did you have any big hands where you won a lot of money?
On the second day, on one of the first hands I hit the flush on the turn and the guy with pocket aces went all in and I doubled up. The pot was about $58k. The other one was more interesting because of who it was against. I was sitting at the table against Tobey Maguire, and I flopped 2 pair and he was on a flush draw, and I went all in, he made the call, and the flush didn’t come up and I hit full house on the river. That was very exciting. Laughs. I crippled him hard but he ended lasting longer than me.

What was your last hand?
I had Ace King of Spades and the other player raised pre-flop and I just raised the call, and I flopped a royal flush draw and after I made the bet he called and he put me away.

Could you have done anything differently?
Absolutely not. But next time around with the things I learned by playing such a big tournament, I might be a little more aggressive…

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Les prometo que en este fin de semana, en cuanto tenga tiempo, voy a subir más info de Tobey y fotos recientes! ;)

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