Un nuevo proyecto más para Tobe!

El director Peter Hedges, anunció recientemente a MTV que él y Tobey se encuentran en charlas (aún no se sabe si ha firmado o no) para que nuestro actor sea el protagonista de su film "Everything Changes", anunciada en el 2004, basado en un libro de Jonathan Tropper, sobre un joven que se ve en la obligación de cuidar a su familia ya que su padre se ha ido. Cuando éste regresa, más inconvenientes suceden. El director de esta peli, dijo sobre Tobey: "Estoy muy emocionado por trabajar con Tobey. Van a ver una gran performance de parte de él. Lo encuentro realmente serio en su trabajo y talentoso".
Tobey esta teniendo cada vez más proyectos!! Esto puede ser a causa de dos cosas: que le estén ofreciendo más papeles o que él este aceptando y le estén gustando más que años anteriores!! ESTO ES SUPERR EMOCIONANTEEEEEEE!!!! (LLL

‘Everything Changes’ For Tobey Maguire

Is everything about to change for Tobey Maguire? That seems to be the case, as director Peter Hedges revealed to MTV News that he’s lassoed the “Spider-Man” star for his next project, the appropriately titled “Everything Changes.”

While the film was first announced in 2004, it’s only now revving up thanks to a clear schedule for its director and star, Hedges said.

Based on a book by Jonathan Tropper, “Everything Changes” centers around “guy who had to take care of his family at a young age because his dad left,” Hedges explained. “His dad comes back and for one week he has the father of his dreams - he helps him figure out that he’s trying so hard not to be his father that he’s not being himself.”

While technically true, fans of the novel will tell you that it all comes out slightly off center - somewhat tweaked and comic. Which makes it the perfect fit for Hedges, the very funny guy who wrote “About a Boy,” “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” and the upcoming “Dan in Real Life.”

“It’ll be in the ‘Dan In Real Life’/'Gilbert’ vein,” he said of the film’s tone. “I’m very excited to work with Tobey. You’re going to see a great performance [from him]. I find him really smart and talented.”

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